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TP Consulting is an international Transfer Pricing firm. We have advised more thant 1,000 compañies in Transfer Pricing throught our oficces in 19 countries.

In 2006, It opened offices to offer Transfer Pricing services in Ecuador. The first firm was created in asociation with the ecuadorian law firm DRET Abogados, and open the company named Asociación TP Consulting - DRET. Since 2013, we created the company TP Consulting Ecuador. TP Consulting is one of the largest specialist companies in Transfer Pricing in Ecuador, and the way we operate allow the fullfiment the requeriment of independece of opinion of article 279 of the Rule of the Tax Regime.


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Transfer Princing Local File.

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Assitance in completing the Annex of Operations with Related and / or Foreign Parties (AOPR).

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Advice on Transfer Pricing Planning.

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Advice in Transfer Pricing determination process.

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Advice in the celebration of Advance Transfer Pricing Agreements (APA´s).

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